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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Passap Teacher at Spring City Knitters Seminar - June 6 & 7, 2008

For those who own a Passap knitting machine, you will be in for a treat. Sharon Minrath, our Passap teacher for the Spring City Knitters Seminar, was a Passap Knitting Consultant for six years, an instructor at Passap University for seven years, and the seminar coordinator for the last Passap Evolution. A high school art and photography teacher for 27 years, her Passap experiences have afforded her the opportunity to continue her teaching career, but on a different level.
As with so many machine knitters who have been involved with this craft for many years, her first Passap was a DM-80 followed by the ascquisition of an E-6000 a few years later. Her intimate knowledge of the Passap includes writing the Passap Drive-thru programs which were distributed to dealers as a teaching tool for Passap machines. So knowledgable and proficient with the Passap, she shares her joy of the machine by writing patterns.
Below is a description of the classes Sharon will be teaching.
Session 1, Friday morning (approximately 2-1/2 hrs long)I know you've noticed the list of numbers that represent a Form program shape, but do you really know what they mean? We'll start at the beginning andunravel the mystery of these numbers.
Sesson 2, Friday afternoon (approximately 2-1/2 hrs long)In this session we'll use the Form numbers to turn a pullover into a cardigan, alter the length of pans, and adjust the width of a jacket or shell. Did you know it is so eary to turn a Form program designed for a garment band into a form for a skirt? Come and see how this can be accomplished.
Sesson 3, Saturday morning (approxmately 2-1/2 hrs long)This session will take a look at several creative ways to achieve perfect bands for our garments. I will also show you three possible way of attaching a neckband to a garment: Passap's commercial neck band, St. John's crochet techniques, and the Japanese technique of re-handing neck edges.
Sesson 4, Saturday afternoon (approximately 2-1/2 hrs long)How long has your U-100(E) been it its box? Well, it's teime to get it out and reintroduce (or introduce) yourself to it. I will show yu how easy it is to use the U-100(E) and evey one of it's settings as well bending the rules to make beautiful creative fabric.
We know every attendee of the Spring City Knitters Seminar who has a Passap machine will benefit from her extraodinary knowledge.
Above is a photo of a garment knitted on the Passap by yours truly (Donna). I posted it to let others know what the Passap is capable of knitting.
For a registration form to the Seminar, go to
See you there!!!



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