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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year, 2009!!!

Happy New Year 2009 to all. Can't believe the Spring City Knitters accomplished so much in 2008. What was our greatest achievement: We held a SEMINAR in June which was awesome. Furthermore, we published a seminar book. These two acts proved, that when we set our mind to something we can get it done, and we did it well.

As a result of our seminar, we held a Knit-Along with Tammy for those who attended the seminar and belonged to our club and the Machine Knitters Guild of PA. This too was successful and many machine knitters came away with the knowledge of how to use the Brother lace carriage to make a successful and wearable summer lace top.

But all those deeds happened in 2008. So what's up for 2009. Well the Spring City Knitters are planning to have another DAK hands-on class with our awesome Jackie Willard. She proved at the seminar just how well she understood the Design-A-Knit software program.

A second Knit-Along with Tammy is planned for the summer months of July and August. This time we are going to knit an intarsia pillow.

Third, as a result of our demonstrations during our club meetings, we published a video. So our goal for this year is to create a video from start to finish of how too knit a garment and all of the "issues" one encounters during the knitting process. We also hope to upload "video clips" of information so everyone can see what we are doing.

So in the meantime, Happy New Year and Happy Machine Knitting.

Regards, Donna



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