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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Marcia Hauser at Spring City Knitters Seminar, June 6 & 7, 2008

  • Marcia Hauser –An artist and a legend in the craft of machine knitting, Marcia brings enthusiasm and excitement everywhere she teaches. She has taught at many seminars across the country. I have the privilege of taking one of her classes at the former Oley Valley Knitting Seminar a few years ago. What a great class with lots of useful information.
  • Specializing in creating artwork using the knitting machine, her works have found their way into galleries and private collections throughout the country. Three-dimensional knitting, unique trims and embellishments are just a few of her machine knitting specialties. For our seminar Marcia will be focusing on the art of garment construction.
  • Proficient with Design-A-Knit she combined it with her imagination and 30 years plus knitting experience to write over 10 books, 100 plus patterns for all levels of knitters, articles for the now out-of-print Machine Knitters Source magazine. She is a frequent contributor to the Knittingmachine Yahoo list. Her Cooperative Knitting series takes a knitter to a place where the machine manuals do not go. She advised me she is at her happiest when the knitting machine and her student’s imagination and skill come together. Hope the seminar attendees will consider taking her classes. Below are course descriptions of her classes. To learn more about Marcia visit her website:
  • The registration form to attend the Spring City Knitters Seminar can be found at our website:
  • Inquiries about the seminar should be sent to Tammy Noble, email:
  • The Garment Style for your Shape. This class will focus on what styles are good for your shape, and what to avoid when selecting a garments to knit In addition, we will talk about the "Law of Symmetry" and how it helps in selection of garments that we choose to make. We will further discuss alternate ways to close garments, that slim the silhouette, and are easy and simple to knit, and that give visual interest and style to any garment. These alternate closures do not use traditional buttons and zippers, but rather use simple I-cords, and plain knitted pieces. We can create buttons and closures of exceptional interest, including 3 dimensional roses, knitted and assembled to create buttons, as well as lollipop closures We will spend a small amount of time, talking about Shapes n Such, its uses and proper fit for all body types. Brother knitting machine will be used for demonstration. Session 1 Friday morning.
  • Brother - Lets Not Forget the Sleeves. This class will focus on the sleeves as well as stylish ways to create interest at the hemline of garments Sleeves can bring the eye down and slim the body, but also, particularly the set in sleeve, can be decorated with some amazing trims that bring creativity to the plain sleeve. Several methods of sewing sleeves into garments will also be addressed. Additionally, we will discuss unusual ways to cast on at the hemline, using individual knitted loops. These loops, when grouped together, form wonderful patterns and brings great variety to your garments. ribs and hung hems can be replaced with something far more interesting. If time permits, we will learn how to use beads to stuff trapunto, to give our clothes interest, but also to help better balance the figure. Brother knitting machine will be used for demonstration. Session 2 Friday afternoon.
  • Blocking for Elegance. This class will focus on the difference between homemade and handmade, and how to block and assemble the garments we make to look like very elegant and sophisticated clothing. There is a particular order to blocking and assemblage, and we will try to study the steps and order of assembly, to try and bring perfection to our garments.
  • Beginning with the swatch, we will look at the method and order of each piece of the garment,and will end with how to get the perfect rib. This method is the same for almost all yarns, andwe will briefly discuss the options for different materials. If time permits, we will also look atthe ways to block 3 dimensional fabrics, so that its texture and integrity remain intact. If folkshave swatches or pieces they would like blocked, and time permits, they are invited to bringthem, and we will attempt to block those as well.
  • We will also spend time discussing the perfect skirt, one style that is wonderful for almost anybody shape, that does not stretch or seat, and we will look at 3 dimensional trims that enhanceour garments, and the placements of those trims for visual interest and esthetics. Brother knitting machine will be used for demonstration. Session 3 Saturday morning.
  • The Cooperative Knitting Machine. This class will deal with some basic knitting techniques, while showing you quick easy methods that your manual doesn’t tell you about. As an example hanging an entire hem in under 30 seconds, and in particular 3 dimensional knitting. We will focus on how to knit and select the proper trims to balance your garments, and spend time on pin tucks, which definitely slim the body. Knitting both sides of the neckline at once will be discussed, since often the necklines are not even, as well as methods for knitting more than 2 colors in a row without floats and color blocking that looks like intarsia. We will also discuss 3 needle knitting Finishing our garments to have a sophisticated look is essential, and faux crochet will help you achieve that goal If time permits, pockets knitted in under 2 minutes will also be discussed, and this pocket method can be used to create so many other wonderful knitted garments. Finally, we will concentrate on free form knitting, which gives rise to interesting looks in garments, while giving the imagination a chance to shine. Brother knitting machine will be used for demonstration. Session 4 Saturday afternoon.

See you at the seminar.




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