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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tammy Noble at Spring City Knitters/Machine Knitters Guild of PA Seminar, June 6 & 7, 2008

Tammy Noble - As is the case with so many hand knitters, the thought of knitting faster and completing a project sooner prompted Tammy’s interest in a magazine ad for a knitting machine in 1982. After purchasing a knitting machine she fell in love with machine knitting. When the computer company she worked for closed in 1995, Tammy decided to start a home business. Her involvements with machine knitting naturally lead her to becoming a Brother/KnitKing dealer.

At a local machine knitters’ club meeting in 1998, Tammy met local knitwear designer, Fern Wayne, When asked by Fern to become a Passap E6000 production knitter, Tammy leaped at the idea of getting paid to perfect her machine knitting skills. Shortly thereafter Tammy became a production knitter for another Pennsylvania knitwear designer, Rae Gold. This past February both knitwear designers showed their knitwear at the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Craft Show. In November 2007, Rae Gold again show her knitwear at the 31st Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, in Philadelphia, PA. Both Fern and Rae's knitwear designs sell for hundreds of dollars and are of the highest craftmanship that they can qualify for these prestigious craft shows.

In 2002, Tammy moved her home business to her shop at 44 N. Main Street in Spring City, PA. She named her store Knit and Sew. Opening a storefront business when machine-knitting manufacturers just as Brother and Passap decided to stop manufacturing new machines was a bold move. When Tammy came to the US in 1969 she proved she was a risk taker. As a risk taker, Tammy together with the Machine Knitters Guild of PA decided to co-sponsor their first seminar together. Like many machine knitters, Tammy attended many seminars and thought about the seminar elements she liked or would change. In another bold move, Tammy envisioned a seminar where more time would be spent on demonstrating and the seminar would revolve around a theme. This was the basis for the Spring City Knitters/Machine Knitting Guild of PA’s having 2-1/2 length sessions and contributed to our seminar theme of “The Garment”.

At the Seminar, Tammy will be providing instruction on how to maintain and repair the Passap E-6000 knitting machine. Tammy learned very quickly that part of being a production knitter required her to know how to maintain and repair her machines. After all with deadlines to meet and Passap and Brother now longer making knitting machines, knowing how to properly maintain her machines and being her own repairperson came in handy. I invite you to visit her website

Passap Maintenance and Repair for Beginners. Do you know how to replace a needle or channel on your Passap? What to do if your color changer isn’t working? Do you know what a brake spring is? Well, in this session we will go over basic maintenance and repairs needed to keep your Passap machine knitting beautiful items. Passap E-6000 knitting machine will be used for the demonstration. Session 1 Friday afternoon; Session 2 Saturday afternoon, class length approximately 2-1/2 hrs long.

To registar for the seminar go to and look for the registration form. From now until March 31, 2008, 2 days are $100 which includes a buffet lunch each day; One day is $50 with buffet lunch.

For information or questions, contact Tammy at 484-685-6154 (cell) or email her at





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