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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Deb Rogers, Spring City Knitters/Machine Knitters Guild of PA Seminar, June 6 & 7, 2008

As the President of the Machine Knitters Guild of Pennsylvania (MKGOP) and a long time member of the Spring City Knitters Club, Deborah Rogers seemed an obvious choice for mistress of ceremonies at the upcoming Spring City Knitters/Machine Knitters Guild of PA Seminar scheduled for June 6 & 7, 2008. Her involvement with MKGOP has expanded her knowledge about the past and current history of machine knitting and enabled her to develop many relationships with fellow machine knitters throughout the United States and elsewhere. SCK felt it was an honor and a privilege to have as its first mistress of ceremonies a well-rounded machine knitter.

Deb’s involvement with machine knitting began in 1995, when by chance at a flea market she saw a Brother electronic 965i-knitting machine. As with many machine knitters, her mother was an avid hand knitter who wanted to pass on the tradition to her daughter. But girls being girls mom was never given an opportunity. Still, memories of her mother compelled Deb to give machine knitting a try. With the help of Sue Smith owner of Horse & Buggy Yarn Shop, and Dottie Custer owner of Oley Valley Knits, plus mom’s love of knitting, Deb learned to machine knit. Besides the Brother 965i Deb now owns a Brother standard gauge, a Studio bulky, an Artisan 70D mid-gauge and finally a Passap E-6000. From heaven, I’m sure Deb’s mom is proud to know Deb enjoys knitting as much as she did.

Eager to connect with other machine knitters, Deb joined the Machine Knitters Guild of Pennsylvania in 2000. As of member of MKGOP Deb has held different positions in the organization. In 2001 she because News Editor for their newsletter, The Linker. The following year she held the post of Membership Chair/Treasurer and in 2006 she became President of the Guild. MKGOP is a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing communication among machine knitters by publishing a newsletter, creating close relationships among members and supporting knitting endeavors by stimulating and encouraging greater efficiency in machine knitting.

Since its founding in 1997, MKGOP has had three previous Presidents, first Karen O’Mera, then Mary Sue Brady, next Thelma Buckley and finally Deborah Rogers. When I asked Deb what were the benefits of being a member of MKGOP, she replied “Membership shall consist of knitters engaged in machine knitting. Members qualify by making application and paying annual dues. Membership entitles members to attend meetings, to vote and to enroll in seminars and/or workshops at a discounted rate. Receive a copy of the bi-monthly newsletter “The Linker”.” By the way, I am a member and enjoy reading The Linker. It’s a great publication packed with good information about machine knitting! I hope fellow MKGOP members will watch Deb in action by supporting the Spring City Knitters/Machine Knitters Guild of PA Seminar scheduled for June 6 & 7, 2008 in large numbers.

To join and learn more about the Machine Knitters Guild of PA, which by the way accepts memberships from all over the world, I encourage you to visit their website

To registar for the seminar go to and look for the registration form. For MKGOP members the price for 2 days is $100 which includes a buffet lunch each day; One day is $55 with buffet lunch. For all others 2 days are $120 which includes a buffet lunch each day; One day is $65 with buffet lunch.

For information or questions, contact Tammy Noble at 484-685-6154 (cell) or email her at .


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