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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Latest Happenings with Sophisticated Stitches Club

It's been a while since I "blogged" so forgive me if I seem a bit rusty. Yesterday the Sophisticated Stitches club met. For the next few months we will be meeting on the second Saturday of the month. So if you would like to join us, our November meeting will be on the 13th and our December meeting will be on the 11th and our January meeting will be the 8th.

At our next meeting we will continue our planning stage for our club's knit-along. At the September meeting we decided to to something different this club year. Knit-alongs will be the focus. Yes, we have had knit-alongs in the past and have had loads of fun, but this year's knit-alongs will be different because the focus is on knitting getting the members back to knitting.

There was a time in our club where Show and Tell dominated the meeting. Now the amount of time we spend on Show and Tell seems minuscule. Our first knit-along will be a knitweave project. Longtime member Deb Rogers will be the lead. I look forward to bringing my machine at the November meeting so I can swatch. So many knitters don't realize the importance of swatching.

Swatching is a great opportunity to let loose one's creativity and imagination. I always think of it as the moment of possibilities. Yes, it's important especially if you are a machine knitter to calculate the rows and stitches so you can make sure your garment's dimensions are on target, but swatching is also a chance to audition ideas.

Knitweave swatching offers so many possibilities because your first need to chose a "knit pattern" to weave. During the swatching process a knitter might find they need to go through many, many knit patterns before finding one that shows off the yarn to its fullest potential. Then there's the "weave" aspect of the process. Yarns you thought might be a good "weaving" choice may look good terrible and weave badly causing a knitter to re-think their good idea.

If anyone in the Philadelphia, PA area would like to join us at our November meeting, we meet at the First United Church of Christ, from 10 AM to noon. Feel free to attend. All are welcome.

Parking is in front of the church entrance whose address is below.

The First United Church of Christ

145 Chestnut St.

Spring City, PA 19475





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