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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Machine Knitting Support

While surfing the web I found the website for the Knitting School.
The Knitting School

The Knitting School is located in Seattle, WA. The class descriptions cited on the cite seemed like great classes. But for me to “go” to Seattle, WA to attend the school, well it’s just not happening as I live in Philadelphia, PA. I need a “school” located on the east coast. But maybe I don’t. After all I am a member of the Sophisticated Stitches club.

It just so happens the Sophisticated Stitches club has provided many of the educational services offered by the school at a fraction of the cost. Our club leader Tammy Noble, owner of Knit and Sew is an expert machine knitter with many years of garment making experience. Besides Tammy, many of the other club members (including me) have years of machine knitting garment experience. Tammy Noble and our club have the skill set to help anyone who needs assistance.

For example, everything cited in the Knitting School’s Garment Class description, Tammy and our club have provided to many machine knitters.

At our club’s Sweet Pea knit-along held this past August, the following was covered:

· Steps involved in getting the design from the swatch to the finished piece.

· Swatch development.

· Tailoring measurements to your body measurements.

· Understanding how to “read” a machine knit pattern. We even found mistakes in the Sweet Pea pattern. We explained to our members how to deal with publishing mistakes.

· Adapting a pattern to your knitting machine. The Sweet Pea pattern was knitted on a 6.5mm machine and many of our members only have a 4.5mm machine.

· Selecting alternate yarns and tuck patterns to the Sweet Pea pattern.

· Set up a date and time for members to knit garment together.

· Garment assembly.

Above is Mary Stein with Tammy Noble. Mary is wearing the Sweet Pea garment knitted by Tammy Noble for our Knit-Along.

Anyone on the East Coast who (for what ever reasons) needs an alternative to the Knitting School, should consider contacting Tammy Noble, 610-792-1202.

Knit and Sew
44 N. Main Street
Spring City, PA 19475





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