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Saturday, January 28, 2012

How To Use the Knit Leader

In the early days of machine knitting before software programs such as Design-A-Knit and Garment Designer were developed, the knit leader was used as the pattern to knit garments. So it's no wonder that some of the members of the Sophisticated Stitches club were unfamiliar with this accessory.

Cathy Bausman, showed the club members how to work this accessory. The advange of using a knit leader instead of a software program is that is doesn't require electronics. That's a nice way to say, it's a low tech accessory that will last forever, or just about forever.

So if you were curious about the knit leader and what it can do for you as a machine knitter then this video is for you.

The video can also be seen on our YouTube channel: Knit1997.

As I mentioned previously, the Sophisticated Stitches club hopes to make available more machine knitting videos in the not to distant future.

One last comment, if you are experiencing difficulty viewing the video, you may want to ensure you have the latest version of "flash player." I'm told an updated flash player may be the difference between viewing or not viewing a video.



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